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Henderson Denture Clinic Helps You Care for Your Dentures

Relines and Rebase

If your gums change or shrink, the fit of your dentures changes too. See Henderson Denture Clinic in Winnipeg for better comfort and stability with relines. For sensitive gums, we also fit soft liners.

If the pink base material of your dentures is uncomfortable because of uneven wear, it can be refit or replaced. Henderson Denture Clinic offers customized rebasing to stabilize your dentures.

Denture Repairs in Winnipeg

You don’t have to suffer from chipped teeth or a broken denture base. Henderson Denture Clinic in Winnipeg makes denture repairs during office hours or Saturday appointments by request.

Denture Cleaning for Health & Looks

Henderson Denture Clinic carries Renew Denture Cleaner® so you can keep your dentures healthy and attractive. Renew is a professional denture cleaner sold by denturists, not in stores. Stop by Henderson Denture Clinic in Winnipeg for your supply to removes the stains and buildup of:

  • Tobacco

  • Coffee, tea & wine

  • Iron & calcium

  • Plaque, tartar & calculus

  • Bacteria

Smile Again

Renew your smile and confidence with the help of full or partial dentures.

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