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Denture Services   /   Complete Dentures   /   Partial Dentures   /   Implant Supported Dentures   /   Denture Care & Repair

Denture Services & Mouth Guards for Manitoba Patients

Proudly caring for our Manitoba patients for nearly 20 years, our denture clinic and dental laboratory offer a range of individualized services that include:

  • Denture fabrication & fitting

  • Denture relining & repairs

  • Mouth guards for sports & bruxism

Complimentary Consultations & Mobile Services

Igor Lulic DD, owner and operator of Henderson Denture Clinic, believes in access to the dental care you need. To individualize our denture services for patients of all ages, we offer Saturday appointments, house calls and mobile services upon request.

Graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1990 with honours and licensed in 1992, denturist Igor Lulic gives you informed second opinions in complimentary consultations. Contact for an appointment and information concerning all of our services, including:

Smile Again

Renew your smile and confidence with the help of full or partial dentures.

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