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Hockey player with mouth guard

Grinding Your Teeth? Get Help at Henderson Denture Clinic

Do you wake up with a sore jaw or teeth? You may have bruxism – grinding your teeth as you sleep. Henderson Denture Clinic can’t stop the unconscious habit, but we can help protect your teeth. No matter your age, consult with us in Winnipeg for professionally fit and custom fabricated night guard.

Protect Your Teeth & More with a Sports Guard

You don’t have to play a rough contact sport to need protection from impact injuries to your mouth and teeth. Football, baseball, rollerblading or soccer, you need a sports guard customized to fit comfortably so you can breathe and speak normally.

Book an appointment with Henderson Denture Clinic in Winnipeg to learn how your personalized athletic mouth guard can protect not only your teeth but also lips, cheeks and tongue.

Protect Your Teeth

Protect not only your teeth but also your lips, cheeks and tongue with a custom mouth guard.

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